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Youth Mental
Health Collective

An initiative of the Canada Research Chair in Youth, Mental Health and Learning Health Systems (Tier 1)
A title awarded to Srividya Iyer by the Government of Canada

The Youth Mental Health Collective is a diverse group of researchers, trainees, and staff, working closely with youth, family, Indigenous, community, health, and government partners.


Our vision is one where all young people, everywhere, have access to quality mental healthcare and environments that support their flourishing, and enjoy well-being and purpose. We are moving towards this vision through dialogue, research, training, capacity-building, implementing transformative models of care and policies and advocacy.


Our work focuses particularly on youth in traditionally underserved and/or marginalizing contexts such as youth with serious mental health problems such as psychosis, youth in child welfare, youth in low-resource settings and minoritized youth.


Our work and partnerships span across Quebec, Canada, and other contexts globally. We are based at McGill University and the Douglas Research Centre in Montreal, Canada.

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